Martín Bakero is a poet, musician and psychotherapist (therapoet). Besides publishing several poetry books, he has presented performances, lectures, films, expositions, installations and radio programs in many locations throughout Europe and North, Center and South-America. He has experimented with combinatorial, permutational, genetic, astrobiology, quantum mechanics, sound, vision and psychics arts. He studied psychology in Chile and France, and electro-acoustic composition at the conservatory of Paris, having taught at the University of Paris, México and Chile, specializing in severe personality disorders and poetry. His research is concerned about ways to transform the symptom in art (symptomart), and how a problem might become a poem through acousmantics, transforming fixed consonants into free vowels and lost vowels into real optopoetrysound.

He has participated in workshops with Meredith Monk, Joan La Barbara, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Henri Chopin, among others artists. He makes workshops for “therapoets”. Having created pneumatic and electropneumatic poetry, he’s working now in “Acousemantik” poetry.

Lately, he has made some creative sound residences and performances at Avatar (Québec), National Center for Arts (México) and Proposta (Barcelona). Among other collectives, he is member of LaBoRaToiRe, Motor Nightingale, Buzos Tácticos, M’Other, Futures Primitives, Mutiques and pnEUmAtIkOs, where he works with other artistes, scientists, mystiques exploring the boundaries between poetry, music, vision and reality.

He created the festival Festina Lente and the Laboratory of electropneumatic poetry (Laboratoire d’electropoésie
acousmantique) in Paris.

Lucy Beynon lives in London. She has been known to collaborate extensively with Lisa Jeschke.

Sean Bonney’s books include Happiness, The Commons and Document: Poems, Diagrams, Manifestos. His work has been translated into several languages, and he has performed it at occupations, on demonstrations, in the back-rooms of pubs, in seminar rooms, on picket lines and at international poetry festivals. He lives in Walthamstow, East London. Visit his blog here.

Sharon Borthwick was born in 1964 and grew up in Wembley – loathing every second of suburban living-room death suburbia she escaped her Catholic girl’s school at 16 by not being allowed back in and thence had a series of bollocks jobs living in Camden in the early 1980s ’till she and her 3 flat mates were all made “redundant” under Thatcher’s greed and bust Capitalism. Fortunately by then she had discovered squatting and drugs and never considered herself cut out for waged work anyway. Squatting became tough in Camden as the council poured concrete down toilets of long abandoned council property and crowbars and other formerly useful tools for busting in became useless with Camden Council’s determination to not allow useful use of empty buildings that remained empty for long time afters. Thus SB moved South of the river in the mid 80’s and has lived in a Peckham council property, as an actual tenant, if you please, for the last 20 years and has dodged waged work since then by having a crap disease though the contract killers Atos had a go at fucking her over. She has very made South London her home and is involved in local projects such as The New Cross Commoners; The Field, 385 Queens Road; Peoples Republic of Southwark (all of which have websites) and anything else that wants to screw over Capitalism. Communism from below!! real Democracy, Anarchism, however you’d like describe that. SB has a blog which she maintains occasionally called Peckham in Furs… She thought that very funny and clever cause she resides in Peckham with two cats and is mostly covered in fur and Peckham might infer sommat, innit. SB has written various articles for political papers/blogs such as The Commune and The Association of Musical Marxists (AMM, Unkant Press) and enjoys pissing about with paper & pens And that.

Daniel f. Bradley lives in toronto with his girlfriend and their daughter. he has numerous books and pamphlets just ask anyone. does anyone read these things?

David Brazil was born in New York and lives in California.  His first book, The Ordinary, was published by Compline in 2013.  Read an interview with him, Jackqueline Frost & Evan Kennedy here.

Francesca Capone is a New York based artist working primarily between the visual and the textual. Her work encompasses typography, textiles, painting and video. She is currently pursuing her MFA at Brown University in Interdisciplinary Writing. Capone’s work has been exhibited domestically and abroad.

Jason Christie’s poetry has appeared in many journals and magazines, including N/A, filling Station, dANDelion, Poetry is Dead, Action, Yes!, The Capilano Review, West Coast Line and Interim. Jason is the author of i-ROBOT Poetry, Canada Post, and Unknown Actor. He is also an editor alongside angela rawlings and derek beaulieu of the anthology Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry.

Judith Copithorne was born in 1939 and lives in Vancouver. She was involved in the heyday of experimental writing and publishing that was centred in Kitsilano in the early 1970s. In 1961 she worked with bill bissett to initiate the practice of concrete poetry on the west coast. Published in the first issue of his blewointmentpress, she has conducted workshops in schools and published several poetry collections, plus co-produced West Coast Cards, four postcards with George Bowering, Sharon Thesen & Robin Blaser (Vancouver: West Coast Line and Beaver Kosmos, 1990.) Daniel F. Bradley has published her work in fhole as has jwcurry in industrial sabotage & also as post cards & broadsides. She has published Brackets & Boundaries under her own imprint.

Some of her work can be seen on-line at http://www.Ditch poetry.com , The Intermedia Poetry Project, & 17 Seconds (a journal of poetry and poetics), Issue 2. Further information is available at her author page at ABCBookWorld.

Michael Cross is based in California, where he runs Compline Press.

Maria Damon is professor and chair of the Department of Humanities and Media Studies at the Pratt Institute of Art. She has written several books of poetry scholarship, co-written (with mIEKAL aND and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) several books of poetry, and co-edited (with Ira Livingston) Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader.

Ollie Evans is a poet and performer London.  He is currently completing a practice based Phd on ‘Performance and Finnegans Wake’ at Birkbeck College. From 2008-2011 he made theatre with the group, Dummy Company, performing a combination of puppetry, object theatre, sound-art, and experimental ventriloquism. In 2011 and 2012 he collaborated with composers and singers from Guildhall School of Music as part of the Voiceworks project at Wigmore Hall. With Robert Kiely he co-edits Stoma, a press for experimental translation, performance, fiction, sound and poetic film. He is also a member of The National Theatre, a performance-theatre collective based in London.

Recent publications include:

James Joyce, The MIme of Mick, Nick and the Maggies (co-editor: Contraband, 2014), Kettles (Veer, 2013), High-Digger (Stoma, 2013), The Chomedy (Red Ceilings, 2013), Dash Booked a Builder (Red Ceilings, 2012), Stutter Studies (Department, 2011) and his work has appeared in International Egg & Poultry Review, Depart, Writer’s Forearm, Materials, Vile Products, Zone, Baroness Margaret Thatcher: Lest We Forget, Scabs are Rats, Dusie and the anthology Dear World and Everyone In It (Bloodaxe, 2013).

Allen Fisher is a poet and painter, art historian and publisher. He has authored 150 publications of poetry, graphic work and commentary. He edits Spanner and co-edits Aloes Books. He worked with Fluxus peformance art in the 1970s. His visual work is held at the Tate Collection, King’s College London and Living Museum Iceland, as well as in many private collections.
 He works in a whack box burglary unit. Publications include:

The Marvels of Lambeth. Interviews & Statements, 1973-2005 (2013);
PROPOSALS: poem-image-commentary (2010),
Leans (2007); Gravity (2004), Entanglement (2004);
Confidence in lack, Four Essays (2007),
Place (1971-1981)(collected edition 2005)

Gregorio Fontén is a singing poet from Chile who currently lives in London. His work has been described as one of ramshackle and unique songs, whose effect is hallucinatory, corrosive; both strange and beautiful. Freely combining field recording, huayno and cumbia rhythms, sound poetry and microtonality, his music is as much part of a local tradition as his own original creation. He has been an active exponent of experimental poetry in Chile; with works published in Chile, Mexico and UK.

Laura Foster-Twigg lives in London.

Susana Gardner is the author of the full-length poetry collections  CADDISH, Black Radish Books in 2013, HERSO Black Radish Books, 2011 and [ LAPSED INSEL WEARY ] The Tangent Press, 2008.  She has published several chapbooks, including Hyper-Phantasie Constructs (Dusie Kollektiv, 2010) and Herso (University of Theory and Memorabilia Press, 2009). Her poetry has appeared in many online and print publications including Jacket, How2, Puerto Del Sol, and Cambridge Literary Review among others. Her work has also been featured in several anthologies, including 131.839 slög með bilum (131,839 keystrokes with spaces) (Ntamo, Finland, 2007) and NOT FOR MOTHERS ONLY: CONTEMPORARY POEMS ON CHILD-GETTING AND CHILD-REARING (Fence Books, United States, 2007). She lives in Rhode Island, where she works as an editor for a regional magazine and also edits and curates the online poetics journal and experimental kollektiv press, Dusie.

Martín Gubbins (Santiago, 1971) is a Chilean poet and visual and sound artist. He has published seven books of poetry and visual poetry in Chile, México, England, and the US, as well as four discs of sound poetry, the last of which, Feedback, was launched in 2014 at Bandcamp. He is the founder of Chile’s Foro de Escritores, a project inspired by Bob Cobbing’s Writers Forum. Gubbins’ work can be found at his website, as well as at jacket2.org

Stephen Harper Personal, film, curated, and digital works can be found at a variety of super cool site. See photomawf.com
which will also direct you to other projects:
tumblr.photomawf.com (personal film work)
team-useless.photomawf.com (curated work)
ilovejanetrash.tumblr.com (portraits)
digimawf.tumblr.com (digital work)

Sarah Jacobs was born in 1944 and lives and works in London. Her latest project, After Nature, is a book/video work forthcoming from Colebrooke Publications.

Lisa Jeschke lives in London most of the time. She has been known to collaborate extensively with Lucy Beynon.

Sarah Kelly’s current work explores surface, intimacy, gaze and text as textile. She is a hand paper artist and poet who has published in various magazines, journals and anthologies, including ‘Dear World’ (Bloodaxe), ‘Better Than Language’ (Ganzfeld Press) and the chapbook, ‘locklines’ (KFS Press). See more at s-kelly.co.uk

Julia Kruk (aka KrukedGypsy) is a Calgary-based painter, designer, and maker of bespoke leather goods for wearing and decoration.

nick-e melville texts Anne Laure Coxam. He’s Scottish, she’s French. He lives in Edinburgh.
Anne Laure Coxam texts nick-e melville. She’s French, he’s Scottish. She lives in Edinburgh.

gustave morin the mercurial and irrepressible gustave morin has been active as a force to be reckoned with in a few different cultural sectors going back to the late 80’s. his many books, poems, collages, postcards, comix, graphic designs, works of art, performances, exhibitions, films, lectures and anecdotal commentaries continue to appear in the unlikeliest of places. he makes his home at The Grove Stand, somewhere in the canada, where he runs an art gallery, works as a technician & has long served on the board of directors for Media City, one of the greatest of experimental film festivals in the world. The Elephant Papers (Imprimerie Espontaneo, 2014) is his latest book.

Maggie O’Sullivan is a poet, performer and visual artist. Extensive work performance over thirty years. Anthologies include Poems for the Millennium, Volume 2. Editor of out of everywhere: an anthology of contemporary linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America and the UK (1996). Books include In the House of the Shaman (1996), red shifts (2001), Palace of Reptiles (2003), all origins are lonely (2003) and Body of Work (2006). Recently is WATERFALLS (2009), ALTO (2009), murmur (2011). The Salt Companion to Maggie O’Sullivan (2011)collects essays by contemporaries on her work. Her author page at Pennsound is a primary resource for online recordings of her readings/performances.

Richard Owens is the author of Turncoat (Crater 2013), No Class (Barque 2012), and Ballads (Habenicht 2012; Eth Press 2014). In conjunction with editing Damn the Caesars and Punch Press, he co-curates the Scrutiny Seminar Series hosted by the Center for Marxist Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Richard Parker was an assistant professor of American Literature at the University of Gaziantep in Turkey from 2012-14. He has written papers on Ezra Pound, Louis Zukofsky and other recent poetries in the USA and Britain. He is the editor and printer of the Crater pamphlet series and has had various books of his own poetry published, including from The Mountain of California… (Openned), China (Knives, Forks and Spoons), The Traveller and the Defence of Heaven (Veer) and 49 (Oystercatcher).

Andrew Rippeon is an independent scholar, poet, and printer living in central New York.  He edited the poetics journal P-Queue (2007 – 2010) and published QUEUE Books (2008 – 2011).  Work has appeared or is forthcoming in Contemporary Literature, Damn the Caesars, the EDIS Newsletter, Jacket, The Poetic Front (with Rich Owens), and With+Stand, as well as from the Vigilance Society. 

Jane Trash is a print-based visual artist. Calgary. Alberta. Find more here.

Karl MV Waugh is a multi-media artist from Brighton, working primarily with sound but also with film and software with interests in drone and noise, abstract colour and motion, generative processes and destructively manipulating source material. Having recorded and performed with The A Band, The Zero Map, Binnsclagg as well as numerous short collaborations his solo work focuses on the concept of long form pieces, tones as a paint, the imperceptible. Video artworks have appeared at Supernormal Arts Festival (as part of The Zero Map’s performance) and in an exhibition for Brighton Fringe Festival. He has a Doctorate in Mathematics, plays violin, guitar, electronics, writes poetry, paints abstract painting, creates abstract film and works as a software engineer.

Lines && Sunday – a previous video art work is available to see here.

Michael John Weller explores poetics of made-up secondary worlds in text and image. Using playful caricature/character-name asking if verse-multi/verse-uni can ever be characterized as poetry AND narrative.

An oldskool cartoonist Mike prefers flexibility and freedom of photocopied ‘zine to print-bound perfect. As an artist he has worked in collaboration with Sarah Jacobs on bookwork for al-mutanabbi street project.

Mike’s digital poetics have been published and screen by Openned (2006-2009) and Veer About (2010-2011), in conjunction with Intercapillary Space.

Ween Film minimovie (2010) [on exhibition] has never been shown publicly. Like a 1976 45rpm single sounded by hiphop producer No Sleep Nigel, nine of its twelve panels durate in less than two minutes leaving spaces between.

Steve Willey lives in Whitechapel, London. His poetry has been anthologized in Dear World and Everyone In It (Bloodaxe, 2013) and Better Than Language (Ganzfeld press, 2011). His long-form poem Elegy was published by Veer Books in late 2013. 

Steve enjoys working collaboratively, and has worked with numerous composers including Edward Nesbit and Richard Bullen, as well as with the post-rock band Rumour Cubes on pieces that have been performed at the Wigmore Hall, Dartington International Summer School, and at Glastonbury Music Festival respectively.

In August 2013 Steve traveled to Palestine with a grant from the International Artists Award (funded by British Council and Arts Council England) to develop his long-form poem Living In. In collaboration with the Palestine Writing Centre and the Lajee Centre, a community-based grass roots creative cultural centre with NGO status, he also ran a series of poetry workshops with residents from Aida and Jalazone Refugee Camps. 

Steve has taught in the English Department at Royal Holloway, University of London and the English and Drama department at Queen Mary, University of London, where in collaboration with the British Library Sound Archive, and with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council Beyond Text project, he undertook Doctoral research on the relationship between 20th century poetry and performance with specific focus on the work of British poet Bob Cobbing. 

During this time, and with Alex Davies, he ran www.openned.com a poetry website with an associated London-based reading series. With Tom Bamford he now runs the Benefits event series in London.

Since January 2014 Steve has been working at Commonwealth Writers (the cultural initiative of the Commonwealth Foundation). In August 2014 he will take up a month long Summer Residency at the Arizona Poetry Center.

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